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Today, spreadsheets are synonymous with accountants. This is somewhat unfair as the majority of accountancy is conducted using specialist packages that reflect the local tax code. The reason Excel is associated with accounting is that it can turn the basic figures into something more visually pleasing. Our Excel experts are often asked to help with this integration process. They can also create custom spreadsheets to handle all the day-to-day accounting.


The most popular accounting packages used by small businesses are Quickbooks and Sage. Larger enterprises tend to have fully integrated stock and accounting systems. A common feature of all these databases is that you can run reports and export a simple numerical tables e.g. consolidated balance sheets, income by division etc.

Unfortunately, they don't tend to have a very user-friendly interface. It's very hard to produce charts comparing YoY performance. Therefore most users export the data, open it in Excel, and conduct some sort of analysis. Having created a useful spreadsheet, users often find themselves importing and manipulating the same set of data every month. Sometimes these processes can take several hours.

The good news is that we can automate these repetitive processes so they occur at the click of a button. Our consultants can also automate the next stage of the process e.g. the insertion of charts into Powerpoint presentations and financial data into Word documents.

Custom Accounting Solutions

Sole traders may simply need a record of income and expenses for tax purposes. Or to put their overheads on paper. Where payroll taxes and social security contributions are less of an issue, there is no reason to use specialist accounting software. Excel has a much friendlier, more familiar interface. Our consultants can build simple accounting spreadsheets to your specifications. We can help you minimize the time required for data entry.

Similarly, within large companies, you are probably not solely responsible for the tax bill. However, you may be responsible for your team or division's financial performance. We can create pro-forma statements and budgets against which you can track performance. Again, this sees accounting as a management tool through which you can analyze your overheads and drive up profits. These spreadsheets often require some sort of integration with your management information systems (MIS), but the reports will be tailored to your individual needs.

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