Excel Consulting in Banking

Banking is all about numbers, and so all about Excel. If you work in a bank and are looking for an Excel specialist, the experts at Excel4Business can help you out. Your spreadsheets may be full of formulas and, if you are a trader, you may be drawing data from a third party terminal such as Bloomberg. Our Excel consultants can support you in all your spreadsheet ambitions and, although the exact nature of requests can be very diverse, most involve the analysis or simplification of data.

Data Analysis

The banking industry is built around profiting from financial transactions. Profits are made by buying low and selling high. The skill of buying low is in finding assets or opportunities that are undervalued.

Finding or creating these opportunities can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Once upon a time, that was a euphemism for time wasting. Since the advent of computerization, it has simply become a matter of using the right tools.

Banks have to develop bespoke applications for shared data analysis and storage. However, Excel is usually the best tool for creating smaller, individual applications as it already has a front end. Our consultants can use Visual Basic programming to automatically sift through thousands of rows of data and separate out the information you need.

Rationalization of Formulas

Excel spreadsheets are normally developed in response to a changing business enviornment e.g. you need to solve a certain problem. Where a spreadsheet has been good at solving a simple problem, it is often developed further to solve a more complex problem. In a banking environment full of intermediate and advanced Excel users, this can very quickly create a very complex spreadsheet full of inpenetrable formulas.

Unfortunately these important spreadsheets become slow, inflexible and they can require a large amount of user training. There comes a point when the sheet's use has evolved to the point where it could be replaced by a newer, simpler spreadsheet.

Our experts can write macros to replace in-sheet logic and formulas. We can also migrate data across from an older version of a file. Our Excel consultants can rationalize any spreadsheet, which means making it faster, without compromising on data integrity and can provide any training that you require.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We understand that protecting privacy and client data is incredibly important in the banking industry. 400 million people use Microsoft Excel, and many use it to store sensitive information. Privacy is a concern for many of our clients and our consultants can develop spreadsheets without this sensitive data if required.

At Excel4Business, we adhere to a privacy policy whereby we only distribute data internally when it is critical to the delivery of our solution. If you are dealing with a single consultant, they will be able to deliver the solution on their own so no-one else will see the data. They will also only view the information in so far as it is strictly necessary to develop that solution. On top of our internal policies regarding privacy, we are happy to sign any further non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) required by your institution or client.

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