Excel Help for Consultants

Traditionally, a business employs consultants to provide skills they do not possess in-house. These skills are required for a specific task, or on an ad hoc basis, so it is not worth them employing someone full time. This is exactly the service we provide. As we are so specialized, general consultancies often get their Excel help from our own experts.

Clear Benefits

We are most frequently contacted by management consultants who can see a process is being performed inefficiently and are looking to save their client time and money. If you are in that position, you will have identified that Excel can get the client results, although you may not have the skills to create a solution yourself.

One benefit of working with us is that we will be able to provide a fixed price for your project. That makes it easy for you to demonstrate the business case of any work we perform. If our spreadsheet can save you 10x the cost of an initial outlay, your client will be very pleased. You will be credited with increasing the company's profits.

If you are using our experts to speed up repetitive processes, it is likely that our solutions will prove very popular. Firstly, they cut down on some of the company's most tedious administrative work. Secondly, all our solutions look clean and professional. As far as the client is concerned, our results are your results.

On Demand Support

One of the key skills for any consultant is being able to gather resources quickly. If you can see your client needs a new spreadsheet, you should already know somebody who can create it. Otherwise, they may as well perform a Google search and find their own solution.

This means you want to build a network of suppliers you can trust, and that you can depend on to solve any problem that may arise. This is particularly important in consulting as you may be performing work across companies in a number of sectors. If you needed us to complete a second project, it could be completely different to the first.

If you browse our site, you will see that Excel4Business is a one stop shop for Microsoft Excel with plenty of happy clients. We can help you with projects of all sizes, we can even provide live helpdesk support. We know the most successful companies are built on repeat business, so you can trust us to be consistent in the quality of the solutions we deliver.

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What our clients say

 Tim Hill
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"As far as I can tell, everything looks wonderful! I'll be happy to pay you whenever you want. Thanks for everything! It saved me a lot of headaches."
Carolyn Blount - Noel Services Inc.