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Education is all about people. One group, the teaching staff, educates the other, the pupils. Education is a massive industry and it generates a lot of data. Due to the accessibility of Microsoft Excel, this data tends to get placed in spreadsheets. Our Excel experts can help you timetable classes, plan events and support you in tracking the performance of staff and students, whilst respecting the sensitive nature of personal information.

Timetabling and Tracking

There is a lot of commercial software available that can be used to timetable classes and schedule the movement of teachers within your institution. Sometimes these specialist solutions can be inflexible should you need to do something new and different. At that point, it can be useful to import this information into Microsoft Excel.

Excel is also a useful tool if you are trying to track student or staff performance. It is extremely easy to put data into a spreadsheet, but sometimes it can be extremely difficult to do anything with it. If you need to regularly measure the performance of your people, we can simplify your existing spreadsheets and reduce the administration required to manage them.

Our solutions require an absolute minimum of user input and, just as importantly, put the information you need in an easy to read format. Whether you use spreadsheets for timetabling, tracking or some other purpose, our specialists have the experience to ensure you use Excel efficiently.

Confidentiality and Privacy

400 million people use Microsoft Excel, and many use it to store sensitive information. Although our consultants can develop spreadsheets without this information, it is often useful to see sample data. Privacy is a concern for many of our clients but the issue is raised most frequently by schools and colleges.

At Excel4Business, we adhere to a privacy policy whereby we only distribute data internally when it is critical to the delivery of our solution. If you are dealing with a single consultant, they will be able to deliver the solution on their own so no-one else will see the data. They will also only view the information in so far as it is strictly necessary to develop that solution. On top of our internal policies, we are happy to sign any further non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) required by your institution.

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 Tim Hill
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"Pretty impressive. You have taken some pretty raw data and given meaning to the colored attributes. Great job. Thanks so much for your help."
Gene Lunceford - Preferred Care Partners Management Group