Excel Help for Internet Businesses

The internet has brought a whole new dimension to data manipulation and storage. Most business websites have their own back end databases to store customer, order and inventory information. Keeping everything online can be more efficient than using offline tools such as Microsoft Excel. However, our Excel consultants can help you migrate data to the internet and Excel is still the best value method for creating sophisticated reporting tools.

Getting Data Online

In retail, websites simply represent a method for marketing products. However, there is normally a distinction between the person who produces the goods (the supplier) and the person selling the product to the consumer (the website owner). Suppliers will periodically update their prices and product specifications. If you are selling the goods, these updates will force you to change your website to reflect this new information.

Unfortunately the supplier may not provide their information in a format that can be quickly uploaded into the back end of your website. However, they will provide it in some sort of list or table that can be opened in Microsoft Excel. Our consultants can provide single button solutions to transform any supplier data into text or csv files suitable for upload to your website.

An advantage of getting our programmers to do this work in Excel is that, should your supplier subsequently change their format, it should be relatively easy to adapt the original solution as required. This is because Excel does not restrict the design of tables in the way that web software, such as MySQL, does.

Analyzing Online Data

The fact that online databases are less flexible than Excel means it is extremely easy to open web content in a spreadsheet. It is so straightforward that it is possible to create special tables to retrieve data from your website on demand. The same "live data tables" can also be used in large corporations where raw data is stored on custom built management information systems (MIS).

Once your data has been imported into Microsoft Excel, you can sort, filter and chart the data as required to track your business' performance. Our experts can automate all these analysis steps using Visual Basic programming. Preparing sales reports manually would require downloading data from a website, opening it in Excel and moving data around. If we can connect a spreadsheet directly to your website or corporate intranet, we can give you a living, breathing file where all your reports are accessible from the moment you open it.

If you keep most of your data online, Microsoft Excel is an excellent way of creating dashboards and custom reporting suites. It's more cost effective than additional web development because Excel has a ready made user interface.

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