Excel Support in Logistics

Logistics makes the world go round. It's the art of ensuring your resources are in the right place, at the right time, to run your business efficiently. The transportation industry exists solely to fulfil this purpose. If you manage a number of resources, there's a fair chance you use Microsoft Excel to track their position and movements. At Excel4Business, our Excel experts can support you in building the dynamic spreadsheets required to help you stick to deadlines and best serve your customers. Excel also represents the best system to efficiently manage medium size (50-50,000 row) databases.

Time Dependent Spreadsheets

Imagine that you run a repair shop: Customers give you items to fix, set you a deadline, and expect them to be mended to schedule. It may not be practical to simply to deal with them in the order they arrive. You may also offer different levels of sevice to different customers. So you create a spreadsheet to record what you have in stock, when it arrived, when it needs to leave and whether it has been mended.

If you have 1,000 items in stock, it becomes difficult to prioritize the different repairs. You may be forced to spend an hour a day systematically creating a task list. The good news is that our consulting team can develop your existing spreadsheet to solve your logistical problem in a matter of seconds or create a spreadsheet to replace your current system.

As you are working to deadlines, the task list will evolve with time. Microsoft Excel can read directly from the calendar on your desktop and factor this into any calculations it performs. It can also update reports periodically e.g. every hour, if required.

Medium Size Databases

If you are managing an investment portfolio, you may place a number of conditions, such as stop losses, on your trades. You may also operate in a mixture of markets e.g. equity, bond and commodity trading. At any given time, you will want to see a snapshot of your overall position and see a summary of any trades that require your attention.

Excel normally gets used for logistical problems when you can no longer track everything on a single whiteboard. In large companies with several different divisions, resources tend to be managed by bespoke management consoles. If required, we can build dashboards to analyze the output from these consoles. If you would like to learn more about this, please fill out our quick form here.

If you are using Excel to record inventory flows in your organization, you can end up wasting a lot of time merging inflows and outflows into a central database. We can simplify the process by which content is added and removed from your database. We can give you simple buttons to import the files that contain raw stock flow information. Our experts can ensure that these update your stock sheet automatically. This opens up a world of possibilities such as removing items from your inventory when you generate shipment notifications.

Our business is dedicated to using Excel efficiently and helping others to do the same. By giving you the right spreadsheet, our experts will help you use all your resources more efficiently.

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What our clients say

 Tim Hill
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"Excel4Business really pushes the boundaries of what Excel can deliver. Over the past two years, the team have enabled us to deploy highly-complex, customised platforms for our products that go way beyond our initial expectations of what Excel can offer. Short turnarounds and a relentless eye for detail make them a great partner to work with."
Andrew Orchard - Windfall Media