Excel Consulting in Real Estate

Real estate is all about money. Properties have a sale value and a yield from the tenants. These capital flows are assets. On the other side of a balance sheet is any leverage, property development and refurbishment required. Excel can be used to forecast your returns under a variety of scenarios. If you are a real estate vendor, you can use our Excel consulting services to produce simple tools for you to use with clients.

Modelling and Forecasting

Excel is not a specialist accounting tool. However, when you are trying to predict the future, it comes into its own. It is relatively straightforward to produce a pro forma balance sheet in Excel. An accounting package such as Quickbooks would populate this balance sheet with past sales figures. In Excel, our balance sheet can contain formulas and project the future.

This ability to use formulas means you can update all your expenditure forecasts by changing the cost of borrowing in just one location. The ability to alter external variables means you can quickly model favourable, adverse and expected scenarios across an entire portfolio.

Our experts can help you build these models. They can also develop them further. Let's say you are considering the purchase of some new properties. We can create statistical models whereby we cycle through possible scenarios and weight them according to their respective probabilities. It is often the case that you would expect to lose money in an adverse scenario; few purchasing decisions are completely cut and dried. Investment is all about expected return and we can ensure you are calculating this as accurately as is practically possible.

Return Calculators

If you are an estate agent selling property to investors, there is little point calculating returns based on your own assumptions about the market. Instead, you want to show your client what returns they can achieve under different scenarios. If they can play with the scenarios themselves, or see the returns on other similar properties, they are likely to find the proposal much more convincing.

Therefore, it can be useful to have a yield calculator or data viewer to hand that you can produce when talking to a client. Generally these will only be performing simple calculations but, crucially, they should carry professional branding and look bespoke. So, although it makes sense to build them in Excel, they shouldn't feel like Excel.

Our consultants know all the tricks required to make an Excel spreadsheet look and feel more attractive. They will hide the criss-crossing lines, use subtle colors; the sort of attention to detail you would show if attempting to sell a residential property. We understand that the little things can influence purchasing decisions and will turn this to your advantage. And, if you need it, we can also provide you with training to help you deliver these spreadsheets to your clients.

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