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French Consulting Service

Excel4Business has advertised a French service at www.excel4business.com/fr for around 6 months. We don't offer a French language version of this blog, but we can offer French consulting. As our marketing increases, I'm happy to report we are now engaged in our first foreign language project.

Obviously when we expand into a new area, we never know the exact quantity of work available and cannot have anyone working full-time in that field. So how are we approaching it? Well, the first thing to stress is that we're not using a simple translation service. The key to our service has always been openly communicating with clients to understand their Excel needs. If we were to introduce a non-technical go-between, we would quickly lose sight of our client's aspirations and the project would not be delivered satisfactorily.

Therefore we are using a bilingual consultant and IT (but not Excel) specialist to communicate with the client, and using our own Excel experts to solve the biggest technical challenges. Obviously this does add to the overall cost of the project at this end but we would prefer to quote a realistic rate for our services, instead of compromising on quality. Ultimately, Excel4Business can expand into different countries but only if it transfers its high standards into the new markets. As we generate more volume, we should be good to bring on board bilingual Excel experts and standardise the service. Anyway, it's certainly an exciting time for the business.