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Excel Formula Help – Converting between units with =CONVERT

Microsoft Excel offers a useful way to manage conversions between a whole host of differing units by using the =CONVERT function.

The way it works is simple. Enter the number of units in a cell and then the shorthand for the units you are converting from and to. In the example below, we are converting between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The shorthand notations referred to are listed both online here and also within your local Excel Help data base. To have Excel search locally or online, select the relevant option in the bottom right of the Excel Help window, as seen here:

Let's finish our Celsius - Fahrenheit conversion. Return to the spreadsheet and select the cell where you wish to receive your result. Go to the Formulas tab on the main tool bar and select More Functions, then Engineering from the drop down. From that list, select CONVERT.

The Function Arguments dialogue box should appear. In the Number filed, click on the amount of units, then From_unit and To_unit in the same fashion using the cel and fah cells respectively.

Hit return and we receive our conversion:

Changing units and unit quantity is straight forward. For example, converting from pt to uk_pt, we can clearly see that an American pint returns significantly less than a UK pint.

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