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Excel Formula Help - calculating weekends and holidays

Microsoft Excel's ability to accurately calculate dates is one of its most useful functions in day-to-day office management. To help you manage staff work days, we will take a look at the NETWORKINGDAY function's use in managing the actual days worked by individual employees.

NETWORKINGDAY accurately calculates Monday to Friday working days over a given period. In the example below, we see a list of new employees down the left hand side with their start days in column B. A list of company holidays is also present in column E.

We wish to know how many days, excluding weekends and holidays, a new employee has worked since October 2012. First, we need to know today's date, which can by dynamically updated every day with the use of =TODAY() then copied down in column D.

We next set out our main formula using =NETWORKINGDAYS() Within the formula space we have start date B2 (minus) end date C2 (minus) sum total of holiday days $E$2:$E$9. The full formula can be observed in the formula bar:

Copy down to receive the total days worked for each employee during the period, less weekends and holidays.

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