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Excel Formula Help - Multiplications with * or PRODUCT

When multiplying figures together in Microsoft Excel we use the * operator between two or more values, preceded by = sign.

The formula below multiplies together 3, 6 and 10 and returns the result 180.

Excel formulas can also use cell references in place of values for use in your multiplication formula. Below, there is an example of how to use cell references in a multiplication formula; here we multiply the contents of B1 with B2 and B3 to return the same result.

Instead of using the * operator in Excel, we can use the PRODUCT function to acheive the same result. The format of the function is as follows:

=PRODUCT( number1, [number2], ... )

Where number1 is the first value or cell reference and number2 is the second value or cell reference and so on. Each value is is separated by a comma and no spaces.

The example below shows how this works with our same cell references being multiplied together using the PRODUCT function. Again, cell references could just as easily be simple number values.

For more help and advice on using PRODUCT and other math formulas, contact our experts. For more details about other Excel functions you can also visit the Microsoft Help Pages here.