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Excel Help - How to Embed Spreadsheets into Powerpoint 2013

This video will show you how to embed an Excel table, chart or range of cells into a PowerPoint presentation. This is a useful tool if you would like to paste a table you’ve already made in Excel into a PowerPoint presentation, but it also allows you to edit your Excel table or range of cells while you are using Word.

The first step is selecting the Excel table or range of cells you want to embed.
Right-click on the table you’ve selected and click Copy. Now go to the PowerPoint presentation where you would like to embed your table.

Go to the Home tab. Click on the downward arrow of the Paste button.
Select Paste Special. In the dialog box that appears, check Paste. Select Microsoft Excel Object from the dropdown menu. Click the OK button.

To edit your Excel file, simply double click on the table.