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Excel Help - How to Copy Formulas in Excel 2013

This video will show you how to copy formulas in Excel.

If you have already entered a formula in one cell and would like to apply it to more cells or to fill an entire column, you don’t have to type the formula over and over again. There are three easy ways to copy formulas.

The first way to copy formulas is by dragging the corner of a cell. Start by entering a formula in one cell. Then move the mouse cursor to the bottom right-hand corner of the cell.

When the cursor changes to a plus sign, click it and drag it down to fill the remaining cells with your formula.

If you have multiple rows that you want to fill, dragging the plus sign while you scroll down hundreds of rows might take a long time. A quicker way to copy a formula down multiple lines is by double-clicking the plus sign. When you use this option, note that Excel will continue to copy the formula down for as long as there is data to the left.

The final option is most useful when you would like to copy the formula, but not the formatting. Select the cell that contains the formula, go to the Home tab and click Copy. Select the cell where you would like the formula to be pasted. You can select multiple cells by dragging the mouse. Go to the Home tab and click Paste.