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Excel Help - How to Calculate Percent Change in Excel 2013

In this video you’ll learn how to find the percentage of the difference between two numbers. The program will allow you see the increase or decrease in the numbers you entered in percent so you can track progress and other changes more easily.

First, make sure you have both numbers in your spreadsheet. Then select the cell where you would like the result to appear.

Go to the Home tab. Select Number, then click on the percentage sign.

To calculate the percent change, there are two options: either divide the new value by the original value and subtract 1 the formula =(A1-A2)-1, or subtract the new value from the original value and divide the result by the original value with the formula =(A2-A1)/A1.

Choose the formula you prefer, and once you press enter, you will see the percent of change between the two numbers.