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Excel Help - How to Insert a Diagonal Line into a Cell

In this video you’ll learn how to insert a diagonal line into a cell. This is a good way to place row and column headings in the same cell.

Begin by clicking the cell you want to split.
Right-click and click Format Cells in the menu. In the dialog box, click the Border tab. Click the image of a diagonal line and preview it in the square on the right. When you click OK, a diagonal line will appear in the cell you selected.

Increase both the column width and the row height by clicking on the borders and dragging to adjust them. If you skip this step, the text in the cell will look odd.

Enter the first line of text into the cell with the diagonal line. Press Alt + Enter to insert a line break and enter the second line of text. Move your cursor at the beginning of the second line and press the Space bar several times to move the text to the right.