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Excel Help - How to Insert a Page Break in Excel 2013

In this video you’ll learn how to insert horizontal page breaks in Excel. This will help you choose where you want pages to begin and end when you print your worksheet.

To start with, select the first row of the new page.
Find the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.
Click Breaks.
Click Insert Page Break.
As you can see, a dashed line has appeared to indicate where the new page will begin.
If you want to remove a page break, select a cell.
Go back to Breaks.
Click Remove Page Break.
If you want to remove all page breaks you have added, Click Reset All Page Breaks.
Resetting page breaks will only remove them from that specific tab, so this technique only works on a single worksheet.
If you want to view a number of Page Breaks, you can do so
By clicking View.
Select Workbook Views.
Click Page Break Preview. The benefit of that view is that, although dotted lines do appear immediately after adding page breaks, they won’t be visible next time you open the file.