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Excel Help - How to Combine the Content of Multiple Cells in Excel

In this video you’ll learn how to combine text from two or more cells into one cell. You can do this easily with a simple formula using the ampersand operator.

Start by selecting the cell where you would like the combined text to appear.
Go to the formula tab and type an equals sign.
Type the reference of the cell which contains the first text you would like to combine.
Type an ampersand sign,
Now decide how you would like the combined words to be separated. You can add a space enclosed in quotation marks, or punctuation marks such as full stops or commas, just don’t forget to enclose them in quotation marks.
Type another ampersand sign.
Now type the reference of the next cell which contains text that you want to combine.
Press Enter and see the result of the formula.
You can also use the CONCATENATE function. Type an equals sign, concatenate, open parenthesis, the reference of the 1st cell, comma, a space enclosed in quotation marks, a comma, the reference of the 2nd cell, close the parethesis and press Enter.