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Excel Help - How to Merge Cells in Excel 2013

In this video you’ll learn how to merge cells in Excel. This function allows you to turn several cells into one large cell that remains intact across several rows or columns; you’ll find this useful for creating titles for charts and tables.

If you want to merge cells that contain data, make sure that the important data is contained in the first, upper-left cell in the range. When you use the merge function, only data in the first cell will be preserved and you will lose the content of any second cell.

First, highlight or select the cells you want to merge. Right-click on the highlighted cells and select Format Cells… Click the Alignment tab and check Merge cells.

To merge a group of cells and center the text, you can also use the Merge and Center button on the Excel tool bar. Highlight or select a range of cells. Click the Merge and Center button on the toolbar. Your cells are now merged. This function is best used with empty cells.