Our Excel Experts' Values

Excel4Business' Excel Experts are valued and trusted by all our clients, large and small

Excel4Business started life as the trading name of Excel consultant, Ed Bolton. He learned his trade at the consulting site, Excel Expert. They emphasized the importance of friendly and approachable consulting. Ultimately, development work can only succeed when there is quality communication between the individuals involved. Today, all our Excel experts exhibit three key values...


This is at the heart of everything we do. When you contact our specialists, you will normally know that we can save you money. Getting us to build a spreadsheet is a business investment. So it's important that you get the highest possible return on that investment. Therefore we let you know all the costs up front so you can make an informed decision about a project's viability.

We will also tell you what is and isn't worth doing. Minor parts of a project are often the most time consuming. If we cannot see the business case for all the development work, we will cut down the project's scope. By refusing to waste your time, we seek to build trust and demonstrate that we understand your business.


The reason you contract our Excel consultancy's services is that we can help you get the most out of Microsoft Excel. Excel is just a tool that helps you keep control of your business. So there are only two reasons for asking for our help. You may want to have more control of your business or you may want to spend less time tracking your resources, and more time developing the business.

In both cases, you are looking to use Excel more efficiently. The good news is that Excel was designed as software with almost unlimited potential. Therefore, our specialists can create sheets and write macros that will help your business get where it wants to be.


Although we hope you will enjoy working with our consultants, it is even more important that they solve your problem in a timely and cost-efficient manner. As we have worked with businesses across a broad range of sectors, we have seen a number of different approaches that can be applied to any problem. So with the most complex problems, our experts can bring in ideas from elsewhere to ensure a successful conclusion.

Our consultants have the confidence to speak up at outset if they do not think Excel is capable of solving your problem. You can be confident that if we provide a quote for your project, we can deliver you a solution. We are sufficiently confident of success that we only ever ask for payment upon satisfactory completion.

What our clients say

"No Excel problem is unsolvable with Ed and his team on your side. He has saved us endless hours of tedium and frustration with tools that are easy to use, and beautiful in both form and functionality."
Alison Kashin - Lootok Business Continuity Consulting

"The group who will be using the Excel form met on Monday. I had a chance to show them the file...and they LOVED it. Thanks so much for your efforts and patience on this project"
Stacey Amodio - Florida Funders Application

"Pretty impressive. You have taken some pretty raw data and given meaning to the colored attributes. Great job. Thanks so much for your help."
Gene Lunceford - Preferred Care Partners Management Group

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