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Excel4Business manages and can handle enquiries relating to the defunct site,

When first launched in 2008, it was a basic website devoted to generating leads by advertising on Google Adwords. Unfortunately only 1-2% of visitors would request a quote. A new brand, was conceived to convert a higher percentage of visitors.

The Smarter Spreadsheet brand was perfect for communicating the essence of our service. Professionally developed spreadsheets can help you do more, can save you time, or can win new clients for your business. There are very few adjectives that describe all our spreadsheets but 'Smarter' really does. It also alliterates nicely.

Smarter Spreadsheet was sufficiently successful that it was generating work faster than we could handle it. The options were either to expand our base of consultants, or to sell the excess work on for profit. Due to the lack of a quote comparison service in the Excel consulting world, we decided to pursue the latter. The decision was a reflection of the new site's core value...'Work Smarter, not Harder'.

Originally Smarter Spreadsheet sold leads to consultants at a fixed price. However, it appeared a better way to riches was to auction off leads to the highest bidders. The idea was that those who would generate most value from our leads would be those who could build long-term relationships with clients, so this strategy would not compromise the quality of the service. As there was also potential to expand into new markets, the website was overhauled and moved to a new domain.

Smarter Consultants

Smarter Consultants was a sophisticated site built in partnership between Excel4Business and ConnetU. Excel4Business provided the marketing to complement ConnetU's secure servers and Java programming. Upon submitting a request, a user's problem would be forwarded to a number of consultants. After a short, two hour auction, three consultants/consultancies would be forwarded the user's contact details.

Consultant Admin

Despite playing around with the auction parameters, the service lost money. Therefore it was closed and the parent company, Smarter Consultants Ltd, was dissolved. If you used to use the service and have any enquiries about it, these can be directed to Ed at Excel4Business. The site content has now passed into Excel4Business' possession and you can see some of the original imagery to the right.

With Smarter Consultants now closed, Smarter Spreadsheet is now back online. As the Excel4Business site has to cover the full range of services we offer, Smarter Spreadsheet still remains our most effective tool for marketing on Google Adwords. It's worth noting both sites carry almost identical quote request forms. This ensures our consultants can get all the details they need from a request, regardless of source.

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