Excel Support to Food Production

Agriculture is a primary industry. The vast majority of time is spent creating a product that can be sold "at market", where the producers negotiate with the various middle men who sell the food to the public. Agriculture is very seasonal so the success of your business depends on your ability to plan. It also depends on your ability to analyze production and react quickly to emerging trends. Our Excel support can help you manage your business.

Planning and Forecasting

In retail, the business case for stocking a product tends to be relatively straightforward. If it costs $5, you have overheads of $3, and can sell it for $10, then you stock it. However, when allocating farmland and resources, the decision making process is complicated by the number of variables outside your control such as the weather and external demand.

This means it can be difficult to make the right decision. If you are looking to optimize the use of your land, Excel can be used as a highly sophisticated calculator. Our consultants can create simple spreadsheets that let you assess your likely output under any applied scenarios.

These forecasts can be fed through into budget materials that can be shown to banks and investors alike. Our experts have the presentational skills required to summarize your future plans.


Microsoft Excel can play a role in monitoring your farm's performance. Spreadsheets are ideal for recording yields from individual fields and herds throughout the year. Once you have collected the data, you can analyze the data to find any parts of your business that are underperforming.

Small quantities of data can be analyzed visually. However, when you have more data, it is often impossible to assess the statistical significance of any temporary drop in yield e.g. if you have 100 hens, you would expect some to produce more eggs, and some to produce less eggs. Our experts can give you the tools to sift through data and instantly tell you what is and isn't a random fluctuation.

In other respects, food production is similar to other industries. Excel4Business' American consultants can help you with any general accounting, administration and reporting required.

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