Excel Consulting for Management

The every day running of a typical American corporation requires hundreds of different applications. Many of these contain vital information but they may not be immediately accessible. To effectively manage teams within the organization, you need a universal format in which you can aggregate all the data individuals produce. Excel fills that need and our Excel consultants can build you the spreadsheets and tools that help you manage your organization.

Periodic Reporting

Your company may have a database recording sales by individual, by division, and by state. It may be your responsibility to ensure your team meets its quarterly targets. Every month some data gets exported from the database, opened in Excel and made into a series of charts comparing employee performance across periods.

If you are doing this yourself, you will become familiar with the data but it may take up a lot of your time. If another individual is preparing these reports, you may not be getting the key performance indicators you require at a glance. You may not even be aware how long the reports take to prepare.

Monthly reports are the same every single month and there is no need for a human to put them together manually. Our specialists can automate their entire production, as long as the raw data is stored in some format, on some computer, somewhere in your organization. We can also develop your existing sheets to display new indicators. This can be particularly useful if a file's original creator has since left the business.

Striking Spreadsheets

Excel spreadsheets can be incredibly dull. However, if they tell you the information you need, they become an essential part of your job. Their importance makes them interesting. Unfortunately dull spreadsheets tend to be dull precisely because they don't give you those statistics fast enough.

Our consultants are not just developers and programmers. They are also designers, albeit in a utilitarian sort of way. If you require stunning charts for a Powerpoint presentation, we can give you those. If you just require your data to be sorted and shaded to bring issues to your attention, they can help with that as well.

Excel4Business wants you to use Excel efficiently. If we give you a spreadsheet, we want you to use it. This means our solutions have to be user-friendly, but they also have to be visually appealing. Good design forms a key part of our consulting business and the best designs always come from a productive dialog with clients.

What our clients say

 Tim Hill
 Sean Murphy
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"I have received excellent feedback on this sheet. Our service meetings have been much easier to prepare for and much easier to navigate the data. You have received a lot of very good compliments."
David Eisenberg - Schilling Robotics