Excel Support for Researchers

Research is all about doing things for the first time. It's very hard to innovate if you're using the same tools as everybody else. In laboratories across the world, scientists are using low volume, if not bespoke, apparatus in the hunt for something new. More often than not, the "hunt" involves experimentation and the generation of data. This data needs analyzing and, with our experts providing Microsoft Excel support, a spreadsheet can often be the best tool for the job.

Flexible Spreadsheets

Excel's commercial success has been driven by the software's flexibility. A basic spreadsheet is just a table of numbers around which Microsoft lets you build an environment. In that respect, it is just like a test bed which is why it lends itself to use in research.

Science is nothing if not logical. If you produce 10 sets of data, you will want to analyze them all in exactly the same way. So it makes sense to automate this process. Excel has its own built-in coding language, Visual Basic. A skilled programmer can generate scripts that dissect your data and find the information you need.

It may be that you have certain over-arching parameters or variables that change as your experiments evolve. Changing these can be as simple as editing a single cell in a spreadsheet. Our consultants can give you one file that analyzes all your data with respect to a number of defined conditions. We can make this all occur at the click of a button. Excel can become your specialist software.

Software Development

If you are an American researcher, you are almost certainly an expert in your specific field. As a company, Excel4Business claims to understand your needs. When we work for retailers, we like to call on our past experience and offer them a consulting service. At the cutting edge of science, we have less to contribute so we are happy to let you manage the process.

The reason an engineer will employ us is to build a tool that performs a function. As you become aware of the full power of Excel, it may well be that we can extend a spreadsheet to help in the earlier, or later, stages of the analytical process. However, we would not expect the process itself to change.

So when you approach us with your problem, we will treat it as a software development job, on the understanding that you want our programming skills more than our business experience. Although we like to understand the context of our spreadsheets, our experts are sufficiently comfortable with Excel that they can provide solutions in the absence of any explanation.

What our clients say

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"You are brilliant. You have just reduced our workload significantly! Thanks so much for your help on this project."
Elaine Petkovsek - Carnow, Conibear and Associates, Ltd.