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We provide comprehensive, live support to your employees using Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet package. The primary reason for its success is that it is equally useful to a beginner, as it is to an advanced user. It is also designed so that users can learn new skills on-the-job, with only a little help from more experienced colleagues.

At Excel4Business our US team can provide comprehensive, live Excel support to your employees using Microsoft Excel. If they encounter a problem while using Excel, our support services give them instant access to experienced US based Excel consultants.

We solve problems and we solve them fast. And where appropriate, we will provide training so your employees can solve their own problems on their own. We provide the most cost-effective solution to all those hours wasted, when employees reach the limit of their Excel knowledge.

Excel4Business. We use Excel efficiently. You can too.

Comprehensive Excel Support

Excel4Business understands that Excel has almost unlimited potential and that users can encounter a very diverse range of issues while going about their daily business. Problems are categorized according to the support "type" required:

  • Help with an Excel function
  • Help with an Excel file problem
  • Live On-screen Support
  • Custom Spreadsheet Development

Users make requests through our helpdesk. During normal office hours, we aim to respond to problems within 15 minutes. Many help requests can be rapidly resolved. If a problem is more complex than initially described, we will explain this to the user and re-assign the request as appropriate.

Live on-screen support collaboratively involves the user. Therefore, when we respond to these types of Excel support requests, we let the user organize a call at their own convenience, within normal office hours.

Custom development requests are by their nature, far more elaborate. We offer a strategic approach to accommodate virtually any project size. The timeline for these will be established in collaboration with the user.

Credit System

Excel4Business operates a credit system. This allows each business to decide on the appropriate amount of support provided to their employees, and to adjust it to match their monthly needs. Discounts are provided for bulk purchases, so please contact your representative for help in deciding what credit plan is right for your business. As every problem is different, the amount of credits used on a given request is proportional to the request's complexity:

  • Help with an Excel function - 2 credits
  • Help with an Excel file problem - 3 credits
  • Live Support - 2 credits for 15 minutes, 3 credit minimum
  • Custom Spreadsheet Development - 5 credits for 30 minutes

These rates apply from 7am Eastern through 6pm Pacific time, Monday-Friday

Flexible Plans

As your business needs change, so may your support needs. So for this reason we have plans that only require a nominal amount of credit at the start of each month. You have the flexibility to add more credits to your account without any extra processing fees!

Your account includes a monthly usage report, that will automatically track your credit usage and provide statistics to help you understand what areas your employees are gaining the most assistance from too.

To find out more and get your employees supported, please complete our callback form. Your account representative will advise as to a suitable tariff.

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What our clients say

"Thanks again for the prompt and professional service! I am again amazed how accurately you are able to understand and develop exactly the solutions required to fulfill my business needs. Your creativity is extraordinary and the customer service and follow-up are second to none! I will definitely be working with you again in the future!"
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