Excel4Business Clients And Testimonials

Our Excel specialists have performed over 400 projects for companies spanning every sector of the economy, across 5 continents.

Our Excel experts like to work with all companies, regardless the size. What our Excel specialists value most of all is customer satisfaction as you can see in the below client testimonials.

"I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed working on this project with you. Everyone loves this worksheet. Our pricing has never been so standardized."
Julie Hui, Chief Financial Officer of Pumpman Inc.

On one of our consultants: "[He] has been instrumental in our continuing development of complex option trading strategies. We have used him on a dozen or more occasions for increasingly complex VBA applications development. He is extremely responsive, very competent and accurate (virtually no bugs in any delivered code), exceptionally sharp about interpreting and understanding our (often confusing) specifications, and just a very pleasant person with whom to work. After using four or five other Excel consulting services, and being very disappointed in the responsiveness and the work quality, [he] and Excel4Business provided us everything we needed and expected."
Rick Cameron, on a number of projects

"I AM IN AWE!!!! This is a dream come true when it comes to tenant reporting! Absolutely beautiful...if an Excel file can be beautiful!"
Dawn Rowan, Zaremba Group, on our tenant database system

"Thanks again for the prompt and professional service! I am again amazed how accurately you are able to understand and develop exactly the solutions required to fulfill my business needs. Your creativity is extraordinary and the customer service and follow-up are second to none! I will definitely be working with you again in the future!"
Jenny Jacques, Videotron, on a number of projects

"Pretty impressive. You have taken some pretty raw data and given meaning to the colored attributes. Great job. Thanks so much for your help."
Gene Lunceford, Preferred Care Partners Management Group, on our accounts comparison sheet

"Excel4Business has been involved in a variety of projects for me; all were done to my satisfaction and above. I would thoroughly recommend them and would certainly use this company again."
Sylvain Denieul, Alpha Biolabs, on a number of projects

"[Our Excel4Business consultant] has offered us the highest quality and effective service. I'm very glad we chose to work with him."
Debra Salvagno

"As far as I can tell, everything looks wonderful! I'll be happy to pay you whenever you want. Thanks for everything! It saved me a lot of headaches."
Carolyn Blount, Noel Services Inc., on our consolidation of two healthcare dataset

"The flowchart simulator you built me was fantastic. It answered our specific requirements perfectly and was excellent value for money."
Tim Hill, Accenture, on our flowchart analysis tool

"I have received excellent feedback on this sheet. Our service meetings have been much easier to prepare for and much easier to navigate the data. You have received a lot of very good compliments."
David Eisenberg, Barco, on our solution for charting weekly inventory data

"Excel4Business really pushes the boundaries of what Excel can deliver. Over the past two years, the team have enabled us to deploy highly-complex, customised platforms for our products that go way beyond our initial expectations of what Excel can offer. Short turnarounds and a relentless eye for detail make them a great partner to work with."
Andrew Orchard, Windfall Media on our online marketing tracker

"No Excel problem is unsolvable with Ed and his team on your side. He has saved us endless hours of tedium and frustration with tools that are easy to use, and beautiful in both form and functionality."
Alison Kashin, Lootok Business Continuity Consulting, on a number of projects

"Love working with [Excel4Business consultant]. He was able to program all the features that we needed which improved our processing and work flow."
Marc Browning, IVS Comm. Inc

"You are brilliant. You have just reduced our workload significantly! Thanks so much for your help on this project."
Elaine Petkovsek, Carnow, Conibear and Associates, Ltd., on our chemical reporting form

"The group who will be using the Excel form met on Monday. I had a chance to show them the file...and they LOVED it. Thanks so much for your efforts and patience on this project."
Stacey Amodio, Florida Funders Application, on our common funding application file

"[Excel4Business] created a cabinet quoting product in Excel. When I started this project I was told by someone in out IT department that I needed to find an excel guru. I believe I found one in [Excel4Business]. The results were beyond our expectations. [Excel4Business] was excellent to work with. Very communicative, upbeat and professional. We are very happy with the product." Brian Tomashewski, Central Builders Supply

"Extremely good service and a pleasure to do business, thank you."
Derek Lee, Trojan Manufacturing

"Excel4Business have done quite a lot of various spreadsheets for our company. Whether these are database or technical macros, they always seem to deliver quickly and efficiently. No matter what the project has been, they are friendly and also professional at the same time and always on hand to help if any bugs or problems arise."
John W., Salt Gritters Ltd., on a number of projects

"I think your service was great and saved us a lot of work. We were able to automate a process that used to take our accountant a week each month and now it takes us several minutes. The Macro is reliable and helps us work with sensitive information."
Aleksandra Zlateva, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"[Our Excel4Business consultant] has always been incredibly efficient and helpful. I would highly recommend him."
Linda Kilmurry, Headroom Consulting

"I worked with [one of Excel4Business' consultants] on my projects and he was awesome. Not only was he able to accomplish what I requested, but added valuable suggestions that made what I needed even better. Extremely knowledgeable. Would love an opportunity to work with him again some time."
Scott Simpson, on a number of projects

"Fast service. Lots of consulting regarding best way to do the work. Readily understands what's required. Helpful challenges to explore whether the work is required or results can be achieved more simply."
Nicholas Fitch, Rate View

"Great service, superb support after the work was done."
Eric Evans, Eric Evans & Associates Ltd

"Thank you to [Excel4Business] for the extremely fast turnaround and fix for a problem that has been troubling me for a long time. This will allow me to process work far more effectively and I am sure will have a positive effect on my margins as well as give me piece of mind over not having to trust my own calculations." Carl Holland, The Production Man

"I found it to be a great experience and look forward to the next project." Don Love, H-Line Structures Australia

"I purchased a dairy distribution business in 2013. The previous owner did all his invoicing by hand. With the spreadsheet program created for me by Excel4Business, I now use a tablet and portable printer throughout the day. This program has improved business in many aspects: my invoices look more professional, I spend 25% less time writing, the invoices are stored in a data base, and with the extra time, I have added more customers to my route and have more free time for my family. The Excel4Business consultant is always fast to respond to any of my concerns. Thank you Excel4Business!"
Tim McCutchan, McCutchan Distributors

"Great service. [Our Excel4Business consultant] quickly understood what we need and delivered it spot on."
Brian Rodriguez, Trinity Christian Academy

"[Our Excel4Business consultant] was excellent. Even given the fact that we are in Canada, he worked with our schedule to get it right, and was there to fix any issues or answer any questions in a very short time."
Tanya Rowter, GlobalFruit.org

"Very responsive, super quick turnaround on all projects!"
Jatinder Gill, UCH Logistics, on a number of projects

"[Our Excel4Business consultant] delivered in spades! Professional, knowledgeable and personable - what more could you ask for?"
Steven Molver, Molvest Pty. Ltd.

"I have worked with [my Excel consultant] on about 3 projects over the last year and he is amazing. For all of the knowledge that he has, he is able to explain things to me in a way that is still completely understandable. He is so helpful in a way of listening to what I need and also still providing ideas that I may not have thought about. My excel relationship will go on with him for years... He is honestly my immediate contact for anything because he is just great to work with. Thanks!" Amy Forrest, Continental Paving, on a number of projects

"[Excel4Business] was extremely helpful in solving the sorting of data issues I have had and it is good to know, for my business, that there is someone in the background who I can call on with regard to this issue."
Paul Freeth, ifaDATA Investment Management LLP

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