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Microsoft Excel can be considered both a database and a calculator. This makes it an extremely useful tool for analyzing large quantities of financial and numeric information. It is no surprise that spreadsheets form a key part of the decision making process for both retail and professional investors alike. Excel can analyze data and spot trends much faster than the human eye. Our Excel experts and specialists can provide the services to link your spreadsheets to financial data sources, and reduce the time required to sift through data.

Integration with Terminal Services

The popularity of Excel means that financial data providers such as Bloomberg have to provide investors with the ability to access live data in their spreadsheets. This is most frequently provided by a DDE (direct data entry) request e.g. if you enter a special type of formula and have your terminal connection open, then current prices will appear in your spreadsheets.

The same process can be extended to retrieve historical pricing information; you can make multiple requests for closing prices across an entire period. The problem with using lots of DDE requests is that your terminal server will only have limited capacity and this may impair your spreadsheet's performance.

At Excel4Business, our consultants can work with you to reduce the number of permanent data requests in your spreadsheet. They can use Visual Basic programming to ensure formulas are only entered in your file at the moment they are required. They will also guide you in finding alternative sources, such as Yahoo Finance, for historic data.

Portfolio Reporting

If you are managing an investment portfolio, you may place a number of conditions, such as stop losses, on your trades. You may also operate in a mixture of markets e.g. equity, bond and commodity trading. At any given time, you will want to see a snapshot of your overall position and see a summary of any trades that require your attention.

Everyone has their own strategies so our experts can custom build you a spreadsheet to track your own portfolio. We can highlight the market movements that interest you, and create charts that update themselves automatically. We can give you a bespoke trading platform built to your exact specifications.

Our consultants can also assist you with the more exotic Excel formulas. We can set up your sheets to calculate internal rates of return and accurately work out compound interest. Needless to say, we can provide training so you fully understand the math, and can develop the sheets further on your own.

What our clients say

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"The group who will be using the Excel form met on Monday. I had a chance to show them the file...and they LOVED it. Thanks so much for your efforts and patience on this project"
Stacey Amodio - Florida Funders Application