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Excel Help - How to Change Case in Excel 2013 Using PROPER, LOWER, UPPER

This video will show you how to change the case of text in cells. You’ll find this useful if you would like to use the upper case for headings or if you would simply like to be consistent with case use throughout your worksheet.

There are three simple functions you can use to change between upper and lower case, or to capitalize the first letter of each word.

To convert all text to “title” or “proper” case, which means that the first letter of each word will be capitalized, start by inserting a new column where you can enter the values in the desired case. Highlight the column after which you want to insert the new column. Right-click on the header and select Insert. In the first cell of the new column, enter the function for proper case. After an equals sign, type PROPER and add the cell reference in parenthesis. Press Enter on your keyboard.

The steps are the same for converting text to the upper or lower case, only the formula is different: type UPPER or LOWER after the equals sign.