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Excel Help - How to Change Row Heights in Excel 2013

In this video you’ll learn a few ways to change row height in Excel. This is useful whenever the values in your rows have several lines and you want to display the entire text in the cell.

Excel has a button to automatically adjust the row height to fit the text.
Go to the Home tab, click on Cells, and select Format.
Click ‘Autofit row height’.

You can also go to the Home tab, find Cells, press Format, and choose wrap text. This way, the text will be split into multiple lines.
Another way to adjust row height is by double-clicking the row border. This has the same effect as using the AutoFit button. When you now enter a paragraph of text, the row height will change automatically.

Another way to change row height is by dragging the row border.
Point to the border between two row headings and wait for the pointer to take the shape of a two-headed arrow.
Now drag the border up or down to increase or decrease the size of the row. When adjusting the height by dragging, you can see the height changing.
If you have a specific height in mind, the third way to change row height allows you to set a specific row size.
To do this, go to the Home tab.
Click on Cells group.
Choose Format.
Click on Row Height.
Enter a size and Click OK.